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Stockholm School of Economics

About Anders Richtnér

Anders Richtnér is Associate Professor and conducts his research at the Center for Innovation and Operations Management and at the Center for Sports and Business. Anders conducts his research in close co-operation with companies with a clear aim of contributing to their competitiveness, but also scientific knowledge. He regularly publishes in leading academic journals such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, Research Policy, and R&D Management.

Anders Richtnér is a leading inspirational lecturer within the field of innovation and business renewal.

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Anders Research

Anders main research focus is on how companies continuously create innovations, internally within the organisation, or externally together with partners. Anders Richtnér has four on-going research projects. Recently Anders Richtnér conducted a study on excellence in teaching, that has received attention and been published. Anders Richtnér’s latest research is on social innovation – how organizations combine bringing positive and sustainable social impact and being financially viable.

Anders doctoral thesis on how companies implement downsizing while sustaining innovation, knowledge and creativity was awarded the EFMD/Emerald Outstanding Doctoral Award (award for best thesis in Operations & Supply Chain Management published 2004-2006, worldwide).


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When, for whom and how is innovation open?

Inter-organizational product development, or open innovation, is a pervasive trend among industrial companies. In practice, however, only a few companies have succeeded in raping the full benefits of inter-organizational development. One important reason thereof, is...

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Measuring innovation and innovative capabilities

The project aims to create new knowledge of metrics, indicators, models, and processes of innovation measurement that better reflect current global trends, and to improve knowledge of how measuring innovation can help to increase innovative capabilities of companies....

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Creativity and knowledge creation in lean organizations

The research project Creativity and Knowledge Creation in Lean Organization addresses the challenge many companies are facing today: how to combine efficiency and effectiveness with an ability to be constantly innovative. Particularly the following two questions are...

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Verksamhetsutveckling i världsklass:

Denna bok är tänkt som inspiration för chefer och ledare som vill utveckla sin verksamhet till världsklass. Bokens första tema är affärsmodeller, där en stark trend är att traditionella gränsdragningar för företag ersätts av integration mellan företag. Verksamhetsutveckling går därför bortom traditionella organisationsgränser, vilket reser nya utmaningar för ledare. I boken diskuteras några av dessa, såsom hur förändrade positioner i värdekedjan kan åstadkommas, hur outsourcing av tjänster bäst sker och hur öppen innovation kan realiseras genom att kombinera förtroende och kontroll i samarbeten med leverantörer.

Bokens andra tema är lean, det mest spridda konceptet för verksamhetsutveckling, som används allt oftare i tjänsteföretag och offentlig sektor. Baserat på erfarenheter från Toyotas tjänsteverksamheter i Japan, beskrivs grunderna i lean samt hur standardisering kan kombineras med ökat kundvärde och effektivitet. Boken ger också ett exempel på hur ett tjänsteföretag kan utvärdera införandet av lean.

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Innovationsledning och kreativitet i svenska företag

Gemensamt för företag som är framgångsrika med innovation är att de kontinuerligt utmanar etablerade marknader, strukturer, och tankesätt genom innovation i både produkter, processer, teknologi, och applikationer. Men vad gör dessa och andra företag framgångsrika i sitt arbete med innovation? Vilka konkreta aktiviteter utförs? Vem gör vad? Och hur kan jag som chef, ledare eller medarbetare agera för att skapa och bibehålla innovation och kreativitet på min arbetsplats?

Denna bok visar hur innovation och kreativitet uppstår i framgångsrika svenska företag. Exempel kommer bland annat från Alfa Laval, Höganäs, LKAB, Metso, SCA, Scania, Sandvik, Volvo Personvagnar och andra ledande svenska företag.

Genom att inspireras och lära av andra, och av varandra, är vi säkra på att svenska företag och Sverige kan bli ännu bättre på innovation. Vår uppmaning till dig som berörs indirekt eller direkt av innovation är följande: Läs boken. Bli inspirerad. Skapa innovation.

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Anders Lectures

Based upon the latest research Anders help organizations to understand what innovation is and how they can unlock their innovation potential. Here are some of the concepts Anders is speaking about.

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Creating breakthrough innovations by design

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to develop not only products and services, but it is also used to devise strategy and manage change. It encourages the creation of new opportunities. It is an interactive and a team-based approach to develop innovations that are technologically feasible, economically viable, but most important desirable from a human point of view. Instead of talking about design thinking during the lecture you will all be part of doing design thinking. The starting point is what is happening in your business and company. From there we will tap into the vast experience of the people participating and together co-create a prototype of tomorrows offering. The lecture will take you through the whole design thinking process from the initial challenge to the end of the process with presentations of prototypes and potential solutions that impact people’s lives.

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How to build an innovative company culture

Some companies seem to stand out in terms of having an innovative company culture. It is easy to get inspiration from comparatively young companies such as Google and Facebook, but we also marvel at some older companies such as Apple, Procter & Gamble, 3M, and General Electric to name a few, who have been able to reinvent themselves. As we look at these it is easy to ask: “How do these companies do it?” Research has told us the corporate culture is a much more important driver of radical innovation than labor, capital, government or national culture. This raises two questions: 1) what is an innovation corporate culture? and 2) how can you build one? In the lecture we combine findings from research in the form of a practical 360° assessment tool managers can use to assess how conducive their corporate culture is to innovation – and discuss specific areas where their culture might be more encouraging to it.

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Excellence in teaching

Excellence in teaching is a workshop aiming to help everyone concerned with teaching answer two questions: First, how do teachers develop excellence in their teaching? And second, what sort of environment can help them do so? The background is an inductive study on excellence in teaching and what the best teachers do Anders has conducted at Babson College, Harvard Business School, and MIT. During the workshop we discuss that achieving excellence in teaching is about much more than planning, executing, and concluding a course. It also means carefully framing the “why” or “big picture” of the course, creating specific dynamics, including a close rapport with students, and aiming to initiate a never-ending learning journey. The workshop discuss how an organization and its actors can strike the right balance between stability and change, they can set in motion a virtuous cycle in which excellence is created and recreated.

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