Active research projects and publications by Anders

When, for whom and how is innovation open?

Inter-organizational product development, or open innovation, is a pervasive trend among industrial companies. In practice, however, only a few companies have succeeded in raping the full benefits of inter-organizational development. One important reason t...
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Measuring innovation and innovative capabilities

The project aims to create new knowledge of metrics, indicators, models, and processes of innovation measurement that better reflect current global trends, and to improve knowledge of how measuring innovation can help to increase innovative capabilities of...
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Managing the transfer and development of knowledge

The effective transfer and development of knowledge is one of today’s most urgent concerns of multinationals. The key to make it work lies in efficient knowledge absorption, which is mostly done by multidisciplinary teams within companies and depends...
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by Anders Richtnér


Selection of publications by Anders

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Richtnér, A. and H. Löfsten (2014). Managing in Turbulence: How the Capacity fo Resilience Influence Creativity. R&D Management.

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